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Board Membership

The Articles of Association set out how directors (Board members) are appointed. The arrangements changed with the Articles approved by members in September 2018, reflecting the revised objects of the company. The Articles set out the following:

The company shall have up to 5 directors.

No person shall be a director unless that person is certified by the directors as meeting the requirements of the company as to the skills or other characteristics required of all directors or of one or more directors by the company. The directors shall make available to members the requirements of directors as to skills and other characteristics.

No person can be a director who —

a) has a claim against the company, or
b) has been a director, officer or employee of the company prior to 14th June 2017, or
c) is or was a councillor employee or agent of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
d) Any person who is certified as specified in article 18.2 and is not disqualified by article 18.3 who is willing to act as a director and is permitted by law to do so may be appointed to be a director.

Two directors shall be appointed by ordinary resolution.

Up to three directors shall be appointed by a decision of the directors.

Board Meeting Reports

Board Meetings Archive

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