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What type of repairs will Repairs Direct be responsible for and what it will not be responsible for?

Repairs Direct will be responsible for:

- Day to day responsive repairs to resident’s homes
- Plumbing
- Carpentry
- Plastering
- Roof Repairs
- Glazing
- Asbestos removal
- Drainage clearance and repairs
- Internal decorations
- Electrical repairs
- Emergency repairs
- Out of hours repairs
- Void property refurbishments

Repairs Direct will not be responsible for:

- Communal estate lighting and programmed works
- Fire alarms servicing
- Estate cleaning
- Communal boiler repairs or servicing
- Domestic boiler repairs or servicing
- Delivery of the capital works programme, although Repairs Direct may undertake some of these in the future
- Pest control
- Grounds maintenance

What kind of a company you are setting up?

The KCTMO Repairs Direct Limited is a private limited company that is limited by shares registered with Companies House. The company is a subsidiary of the TMO and its main objective is delivering repairs services.

The Company’s Board is appointed by the main TMO Board and is made up of five members. The membership comprises independent Board members, executive Board members, a resident Board member and Managing Director.

How will a resident Board member be appointed to the Repairs Direct Board?

The Resident Board Member to the Repairs Direct Board will be appointed by the TMO Board following an interview by the TMO Board’s Appointment Panel.

Why do we need our own repairs company?

Our main objective in setting up this company is to provide our residents with an excellent repairs service that is responsive to their needs.
As you know, we have had several different companies to manage our repairs in the past and we have not been completely satisfied with the service provided. Several of these companies have now been taken over or folded altogether. Having our own repairs company gives us much greater control of our service delivery.

Who made the decision?

The KCTMO Board, which is resident-led and acts on behalf of all residents, made the decision after careful consideration of several repairs options.

When will the new company be up and running?

KCTMO expects the repairs company to be up and running by autumn 2013.
We will continue our partnership with Willmott Dixon in the meantime as we transition to the new company.

Why will this new company be any different from the old system?

The KCTMO Board has carefully considered several options for the KCTMO repairs service and determined that this provides the best service options for our residents. Direct ownership of the business means that we can invest in people, systems and equipment to provide you with an excellent quality and highly responsive repairs service.

How will this affect me?

There will be no change in how you report your repairs to us at the moment.
The contact centre and repairs request forms will continue to operate and Willmott Dixon will deliver our repairs service as they have been.

What about my existing repairs request?

If you have an active repairs request, Willmott Dixon will be handling it as usual. Repairs requests will continue to be handled by our Contact Centre, with repairs completed by Willmott Dixon until August 2013 and then by the new company. All of this will be carefully managed.

Why can’t we just use Willmott Dixon for our repairs service?

Willmott Dixon was engaged in June 2012 to deliver our repairs service whilst a longer term decision was considered by the KCTMO Board. We cannot enter any long-term contract without a full procurement process. Even if we did not set up our own company we would not be able to simply extend the contract. In this case, the KCTMO Board has determined that setting up our own company provides the best service options for our residents. Wilmott Dixon was contracted at short notice to manage repairs temporarily and our two organisations have been working in partnership since then to improve service delivery. They will continue to support our service delivery as we transition to the new company.

What does the council think about it?

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has been very supportive of the decision and is looking forward to the improved service that the new company will provide for residents.

Where can I find more information about the new company?

Information and regular updates will be published on the KCTMO website and a progress report will be in the March edition of the Link Magazine.

Will I have a chance to comment on developments?

Absolutely. We intend to fully engage with our residents through the Resident Engagement Committee and at every opportunity to do so. This is your service and we are determined to shape it to deliver the best possible outcome for residents as defined by residents. .

What if I have more questions?

We will be updating these FAQs on our website,, as more questions come in. In the meantime, you can contact us via our Customer Service Centre on 0800 137 111 or 020 3617 7080.





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