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Financial statements

What are PIs

To be effective, organisations like KCTMO need to be able to measure their performance. We need to be able to compare it against meaningful targets and against the performance of other organisations (often called benchmarking).

Performance data isn’t the whole story of service delivery; however, it is a critically important part. Therefore good performance information is very important if we are to know the areas where we perform well and those where we need to make improvements.

What are Performance Indicators?

Performance Indicators (PIs) measure the key aspects of our services. Some examples of this are:

• The percentage of rent collected compared to rent owed.
• The percentage of emergency repairs completed on time.
• The percentage of customers satisfied with their last repair.

PIs help identify where service performance is good, poor or on target.

What are National Indicators?

National Indicators (NI) are a single set of indicators, replacing the former Best Value Performance Indicators (BVPI), that were identified from priorities identified in the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review.
The original set of indicators numbered 198 and covered the full range of local government activities, from education to social care to housing.

There are two indicators within the set that are applicable to providers of social housing:

• NI 158: % non decent council homes
• NI 160: Local authority tenants satisfaction with landlord services

Several other NIs apply where organisations provide supporting people services.
In late 2010, the coalition Government announced that Local Area Agreements and the National Indicator set would be scrapped as a method of monitoring the performance of local authorities. National Indicators will be replaced by an agreed single list of Whitehall data requirements for local government although it is likely that data returns for NIs will continue to the relevant government departments at the present time.

(Due to the transitional nature of much of social housing regulation at present, it is likely that this document will undergo regular review over the following year.)

What are Local Performance Indicators?

Local Performance Indicators (LPI) are discretionary (we choose to monitor them). These are not statutory; however they are useful measures for areas not covered by National Indicators.

Some of these optional indicators are former BVPIs – continuing to collect some of these older PIs enables us to measure our progress over a long period of time.

Examples include:

• Average number of days to complete a responsive repair
• Number of tenants more than seven weeks in arrears
• Repairs and Consumer Contact Centre average call handling times.

Many of our local performance indicators can be benchmarked with other providers via HouseMark.

What are targets?

Targets define the acceptable level of performance for each performance indicator. For many indicators the target is often the “top quartile” figure. This is the level of performance set by the top 25% of local authorities and Registered Social Landlords (RSL) either nationally or regionally (in our case London).

Targets are meant to be stretching but achievable and are set annually following a review of yearly performance and Business Plan priorities for the coming year.

Some examples of targets used by KCTMO include:

• Increase rent collection to 97.6% for 2011/12
• Reduce void turnaround time to 24 days for 2011/12

Targets help housing organisations, such as KCTMO, to focus on what needs to be achieved. Residents can see how the TMO is performing by comparing performance to targets. This information is published in the Link magazine and our website.

If you have any queries regarding performance monitoring please contact Performance Manager, Siobhan Bowman via telephone or email at 020 7605 6402 or


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