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Joint statement - KCTMO and Council working together to secure orderly transition

Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation's (KCTMO) board and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have agreed to work collaboratively to secure an orderly transition to new management arrangements for the Council's housing stock. The over-riding priorities of both organisations are to put in place new arrangements which deliver the aspirations of residents and to provide the highest possible quality of service through the transition period.

The decision to terminate the agreement between the Council and KCTMO is for the resident members of KCTMO to consider at its Annual General Meeting on 17 October. The Chair of the KCTMO board has written to KCTMO resident members urging them to take the decision to terminate the agreement. The current arrangements will then remain in place for a number of months whilst the Council consults residents on the future options for the management of the stock and implements the preferred option.

Once the agreement between the Council and KCTMO ultimately comes to an end, there will no longer be resident members of KCTMO. As they are the only members of KCTMO at the moment, it is proposed that at this point the Council becomes the sole member of KCTMO to ensure that the company continues to exist so it can answer questions of the Public Inquiry and any police investigation in respect of the Grenfell fire tragedy. KCTMO's Annual General Meeting will also consider this proposal.

Following the Annual General Meeting the Council wishes to run an extensive engagement and consultation process to consider the future arrangements for the delivery of housing management services. The process will cover the criteria which the Council intends to use to select a preferred option, and then the options appraisal itself. The Council will work closely with KCTMO in running the engagement and consultation process. We currently expect the preferred option for the future management of stock to be determined early in the new calendar year.

Fay Edwards BEM
Kensington & Chelsea TMO

Councillor Kim Taylor-Smith
Deputy Leader
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

October 10, 2017


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