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Where you can park

Off-street parking

On-street parking

1. Brief summary of the main changes – what residents need to know

Before Most residents had their own personal allocated bay.
After Most residents will not have an allocated bay.

Before Visitor parking was only possible for residents with an allocated bay who then made way for their guest by moving their vehicle elsewhere.
After Visitor parking will be available to guests of any residents on a first come, first served basis. There will be special visitor bays for this and each visitor vehicle will need to display a scratch card permit on top of the dashboard.

Before Residents with a valid disability parking purple badge had their own personal allocated bay, with no special signage.
After Residents with a purple badge will be allocated a bay with its own numbered sign for their exclusive use.

Before Wing Parking carried out a limited level of enforcement following the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.
After Council civil enforcement officers will enforce compliance with the above three changes. Anyone found not complying will be issued with a penalty charge notice. Any dispute regarding the notice must be raised directly with the Council’s Parking Services team. The TMO will have no involvement and must not be contacted about any dispute.

Before TMO contractors could park anywhere on an estate for any length of time, so long as they had a valid TMO-issued contractor permit.
After Contractor permits will only be authorised by TMO contract managers who must be satisfied that there is a genuine need. In addition, each contractor must complete and display a vinyl contractor whiteboard each time they park on an estate.

2. Further detailed information on the changes

a. Preparatory work
An extensive programme of work has been undertaken to transform estate parking areas ahead of the changes. This includes resurfacing, repainting of bays and new signs.

b. Estate-wide permits
Permit holders will be able to park in any available bay on their estate (except those specifically designated for visitor or disabled parking). Each estate parking zone has a three letter code that is displayed on the signs and on permits (e.g. HDC for Henry Dickens Court).

c. Visitor parking
All households will be entitled to up to three days' free visitor parking per month. These permits will be issued as a scratch card for use only in the designated visitor bays marked ‘VIS’ (if available) on a first come, first served basis. If there are no designated visitor parking bays available on an estate visitors can use the permit to park in a visitor bay on another nearby estate, where practical. If it is not practical, unfortunately the visitor will have to make alternative arrangements. Even if a resident does not have an annual permit, they still have an entitlement to free visitor parking. The visitor scratch cards are available now upon request to all households of the TMO estates. Please note that our customer services staff need at last 48 hours notice to process a request before the scratch cards can be collected from either our office in Blantyre Street or Kensal Road. Therefore please ask for your scratch cards in advance if you think that you may need them.

d. Carers
For those residents with carers, or other multiple regular visitors, we can provide an annual multi-registration permit for several vehicles; but only one vehicle would be allowed to use the permit at any one point in time. If you do not own a car but have regular frequent visitors you can still purchase this annual multi-registration permit.

e. Garages
Lock-up garages will not be covered by the traffic management orders. However, the access roads which lead to the garages will be covered by the order so these are shown.

f. Excluded estates
For a variety of reasons, several estates have been excluded from the changes for now.

g. Information about permits for parking account holders
All parking account holders were written to about the new terms and conditions in February 2016. They must accept these by signing and returning a pre-printed postcard that was included in the correspondence before we can issue their new permits. A subsequent reminder letter was sent earlier this month to those who had not yet returned their postcard. New permits must be displayed to comply with the new enforcement system.

h. Background to the changes
A new law in 2012 affected property owners' ability to control illegal parking on their private land; this includes parking on KCTMO-managed estates.

The only way now to effectively manage parking on KCTMO-managed estates is to use the Council's parking enforcement contractor. To pave the way for this, KCTMO first needed to standardise the parking policy across its estates.

From December 2013 to March 2014 we consulted residents about a new parking policy; we then amended it with the benefit of their feedback. The policy was subsequently approved by KCTMO's Board in March 2014. Some clarifications were then made and it was reapproved in February 2015.

Following our October 2014 consultation with residents we made some further amendments.

We believe the new system will have the following major benefits:
• only permit holders and legitimate visitors will be able to use the dedicated parking areas on estates
• it will prevent illegal parking in other estate areas
• tenants and leaseholders who have a valid disabled parking Purple Badge issued by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea can have their own individual bays
• the same rules will apply to across the estates.
There will be effective enforcement of all of the above using the Council's statutory powers.

3. Questions
If you have any questions about these changes please contact us on 0800 137 111 or at Alternatively you can send in questions by writing to:

Customer Service Centre
Kensington and Chelsea TMO Ltd
Unit A, 292 Kensal Road
London W10 5BE


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